5G technology does not pose a health threat

The biggest science so far has proven that the brand new cellular networking generation "5G" is perfectly secure for human fitness.

Two unbiased research were accomplished to look at possible risks for people because of the low volume of radio waves (millimeter waves) with a frequency of 6 GHz or more. In this respect, there had been 138 previous studies and greater than 100 experiments.

Expert groups from the Australian Nuclear Safety and Radiation Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the Swinburne University of Technology at the same time doing their study.

The "next generation" of cellular conversation is also known as the 5G generation wherein radio waves from 28 GHz to 39 GHz frequency are used.

Although that is by some distance the most important study on the connection between 5G technology and human fitness, studies will retain on this field.

A thorough study of medical cell department research on radio waves with 6 GHz or better levels, molecular genetic mutations, cellular phone exchange, and results at the shape of the molecular membrane, among many others. After that, the experts "no evidence changed into the founding of the danger to human fitness of the radio waves used at the 5G network."

Some scientific research of the above mentioned, of course, that 5G frequencies are dangerous to human health, but they first have big flaws and secondly, a few other dependable findings. Not supply verified.

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