Pakistan’s First Cash Service Also Digital Payment 'Foree' will launch in May

In Mai 2021, the Pakistan millionaire, Hashoo Party, will launch "Foree" digital apps in Pakistan. For example, In this app is connected with the users who combine their bank accounts and cards into a single application. This Application is carried out smooth transactions at minimum rates.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Murtaza Hashwani, and Chief Electoral Officer of Hashoo Group and Foree is confirmed that the first application will launch for online payments in Pakistan. It will also allow economic growth, generate one lakh jobs in Pakistan and help the payments from foreign workers according to the Foree.

Pakistan’s First Cash Service Also Digital Payment 'Foree' will launch in May

Mr. Hashwani told a foreign news agency the digital payment method applications are possible in Pakistan, but the Foree app is unique, as the customer need not move any cash through various accounts via online banking. They told me, " The Foree will be the first Online service in Pakistan."

They will launch in the Middle East and we have gone it internationally," said Hashwani He also said this is a digital payment system supervised by the State Bank of Pakistan and they will allow Pakistanis abroad, without the interference of any member or bank, to move the cashback to their own homes direct via the application.


In addition, he said Mr: Hashwani has protected the users addressed' privacy and data all the issues are solved safety measures are taken and are not Compromised in any way. 

They will boost Pakistan's e-commerce market and help the users to get buy directly online international products and businesses with the actual-time amount.

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