Akshay Kumar is also a victim of corona virus

Akshay Kumar published his true information on Twitter of his Corona Test. I quickly remoted myself after that, taking all precautionary steps.

Akshay Kumar stated he quarantined at domestic and also got all of the clinical support he needed. He also questioned all the ones in contact and ordered him to perform his corona exam. Kumar confident Akshay he would soon go back to service.

It has to be remembered that,  days earlier, Alia Bhatt also confirmed her corona and claimed she have been in a quarantine house. In addition to Alia Bhatt, Mr. Aamir Khan from Bollywood has also a coronavirus and remoted in his house.

In addition to those performers, the coronavirus became victimized with the aid of using actors Manoj Bajpayee, Sadhdant Chatterjee, Tarasutaria, Satish Koshkak, and Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Actor Ranbir Kapoor also had Coronavirus, however, has now recovered from Corona. 

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