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Facebook plans to treat all its customers withinside the same way. Following the suspension of the former U.S. President's account, Donald Trump, the impartial supervisory board of the company endorsed reforms that would allow politicians to "reveal all customers withinside the same way."

Facebook Inc. will quickly be ending the coverage that protects politicians in opposition to a few content material moderation policies. "What could be a prime coverage extrude for the biggest social media community withinside the world." The Verge reported.

World leaders and politicians who've damaged their requirements numerous times have a horrible time on era platforms. Unfortunately, politicians always have were given their way and are more self-sufficient than everyday customers on Facebook and Twitter Inc. platforms.

It also provided neutral guidelines which are to be fully addressed with the aid of using Facebook. For example, at the same time as it said that Heads of kingdom and government officials may have more power to harm, it thinks that equal policies need to apply for all customers.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, stated for a protracted time, "The company should now no longer have the political speech of police politicians.'

Currently, the third-celebration statistics monitoring system denies politicians' postings and advertising. The exception for newsworthiness lets politicians flout the policies and make provocative postings at the internet site if the public hobby is more than the harm is done. "Considerations of 'newsworthiness' need to now no longer receive precedence whilst instantaneously movement at the platform to avert 'extensive harm' is needed," the Board guidelines emphasized.

The Board also proposed that the existing Facebook guidelines need to be properly conveyed to usual customers, for example, 'the want to bring to people when it's far too profitable to delete statistics or whilst to do so on an influent account.'

Six months ago, Facebook become given the aid of using the impartial supervisory board for a "proportionate reaction" in the Trump case that could enhance, permanently ban or droop its money owed for the former president for a sure time. However, Facebook has still not determined if the money owed to the former president could be restored.

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