10 July Telenor Answers Today
Hi, everyone! Today we're going to discuss Telenor Quiz on 10 July, In this article. We provide all of the solutions to the Telenor answers to the Test your Skills application part. For more information review this article in detail.

Telenor answers 10 July 2021. In the present day, I have provided appropriate answers to the Telenor App question. Where You need to select the correct answers and Get free MB's from the MY Telenor App skill test.

You'll be able to Win free MBs every day from My Telenor App to select the right answers to five different questions. My Telenor App questions are up to date every day at 12:00 a.m. Each question has four options you choose the proper option. 

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Question 1: Which was the first Asian team to compete in the World Cup?

  1. Japan
  2. Indonesia
  3. Afghanistan
  4. KSA

Answer: Indonesia

Question 2: What colour card means a player is being sent off?

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. None

Answer: Red

Question 3: Which of the following card is not used in a football match?

  1. Orange
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Green

Answer: Orange

Question 4: What is it called if a player is nearer to their opponent's goal line than the ball and the second-last opponent?

  1. Downfield
  2. Offside
  3. Passing
  4. Upfield

Answer: Offside

Question 5: If a referee has to stop play during a game, how is the game restarted?

  1. A throw-in
  2. A rekick
  3. Dropped ball
  4. A kick-off

Answer: Dropped ball

Tips on how to Get Telenor Free Internet MB's 


When you've got already downloaded the My Telenor App then follow these Steps otherwise first you have to download the My Telenor App from the Google play store.


  • You have to open the My Telenor App.
  • Right here you'll see a "Test Your Skill" Button on the right side of the app.
  • Tap the icon on Test Your Skills.
  • Now Questions on the display screen.
  • These are 5 questions each question has four options.
  • Now you need to answer these questions accurately.
  • You will need to have answered these questions correctly.
  • After answer these questions you're going to get free MBs.

Here’s what you have to know about the My Telenor App

  • When you answer the question incorrectly then you'll not capable of getting free MBs.
  • You should have a 0.01 PKR balance in your Telenor Sim.
  • You are used to free MBs within a day.
  • Select the choice carefully one after the other.
  • You need to verify the answer before you may choose the option on the My Telenor App.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Simple strategies to get Telenor free internet MBs in Pakistan?

If you want to get Telenor internet Free MBs. You should provide the right options for the My Telenor App quiz.


This Telenor quiz in the meanwhile options are proper or not?

The options to the above Telenor Quiz Within the current day are fully accurate. It's possible you'll get free internet MBs from the My Telenor app by using them. The reason for today's post is to offer you the Telenor quiz today, Telenor answers 10 July 2021. The reason for today's post is to offer Telenor users the correct answers to Telenor Quiz 10 July 2021 Test Your Skills questions

On CarteTech you will discover answers to each day of the Telenor test your skills Quiz.

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