Block SIM Cards of Non-Vaccinated Persons

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on  Rs. 25,000 for in search of reversal of government’s order of blocking off SIM playing cards, and social media IDs of those who refuse to get vaccinated in opposition to the COVID-19. During the direction of the hearing, the excessive court expressed displeasure over the petition against the government’s vaccination drive.

Justice Shafi Mohammad Siddiqui stated that the government is involved with approximately every unmarried citizen, which includes the legal professional's gift withinside the courtroom, including that a covid-affected person affects 200 extra people with him.

Earlier, the plaintiff, Advocate Sohail Hameed argued that the government has no authority to forcibly impose its selection on loose citizens; if vaccination became mandatory, the desired rules must be enacted and the government should be avoided from blocking off the SIM playing cards of the citizens.


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To this, Justice Shafi remarked that how can the government be asked to legislate first whilst people’s lives are at stake. Later, he brushed off the plea with objection and fined the plaintiff Rs. 25,000.

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