DRAP Cancels Registration Of Traditional Syringes in Pakistan

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has formally canceled the registration of conventional syringes withinside the country, attributable to the instrument’s risky after results referring to fitness safety.

According to reports, the selection for cancellation and discontinuation of conventional syringes became made through the DRAP in a bid to prevent the unfold of COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS.

Back in January 2021, the federal authorities had begun out pressing court cases to plan new rules to prevent the reuse of syringes. Many politicians and businessmen argued approximately the recognition of the allegedly bad exercise and entreated applicable divisions of the authorities to make a judgment on the premise of sound medical evidence.


KP Govt Issues New Guidelines to Healthcare Workers

Almost 7 months after deliberations through the authorities and involved fitness practitioners, the above-noted improvement has subsequently cast a brand new line of motion for the country’s growing healthcare sector. From now onwards, conventional syringes will not be used throughout Pakistan, as according to the guidelines of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

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