ECC To Finalize 5-Year Trade Policy Framework In Next Meeting

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Governor State Bank of Pakistan Dr. Reza Baqir joined the assembly via a video link.


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The ECC considered a precis presented by the Ministry of Commerce regarding the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) for 2020-25 to decorate the export competitiveness of Pakistan through a framework of coverage interventions. The proposed STPF 2020-25 also includes a tracking and implementation mechanism. The underlying motive is to decorate exports as a countrywide priority through collaborative and cohesive efforts.

While speakme on the occasion, the Finance Minister directed that the elements associated with a marketplace-based realistic exchange rate need to be integrated below the proposed STPF 2020-25. The Finance Minister in addition pressured to include unique measures for encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and consolidation of the fragmented export industry in Pakistan.

After due deliberations, the Committee determined to check the draft STPF 2020-25 after having some other consultative assembly with all applicable stakeholders and asked to present an up to date.

The ECC had earlier constituted a Committee below the chairmanship of the Minister for NFS&R for presenting recommendations to sell cotton manufacturing and bring price balance withinside the home market by monitoring local market prices.


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Finance Division and Commerce to finalize the hints and gift the revised precis earlier than Cabinet.

The Finance Division tabled a precis to hold ahead for FY 2021-22, the component of the un-applied coin equal to Rs. 352 billion out of the Economic Stimulus Package amounting to Rs. 1,240 billion (given in March 2020), to mitigate the detrimental socio-monetary effect of the coronavirus pandemic and to aid the marginalized sections of the society.

The funds were allotted below the Economic Stimulus Package for the whole period of the COVID-19 pandemic, irrespective of the economic year.


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Foregoing in view, the ECC re-demonstrated the amount of Rs. 352 billion for the FY 2021-22 for assembly-associated expenditures, along with the procurement of vaccines for COVID-19 (during the continued fourth wave) because the Federal Government's ambitions to vaccinate at least 85 million citizens by December 2021. Dr. Waqar Masood, Federal Secretaries, Chairman FBR, and different senior officials participated withinside the assembly.

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