FlowHCM is Revolutionizing HR

There is no doubt about the reality that era is shifting rapid like a lightning bolt across the globe, kindling the whole thing in its way. As we input a brand new generation of virtual advancements, changing vintage gear withinside the technical branch with the modern-day era device is turning into the future.

Keeping up with this transition, FlowHCM has taken the concept of HR to another level with the intention to digitalize the HR sports of the business sector.

FlowHCM is the fastest-developing HR Software in Pakistan.  Due to its user-pleasant browser-based application that comes with a modular answer of supplying on-cloud and on-premise deployments for its clients, FlowHCM is widely preferred by companies in the country.

FlowHCM is Revolutionizing HR

To take matters one step further, FlowHCM is ready to roll out Pakistan’s first-ever AI-based, Voice-Driven HCMS/HRMS withinside the country.

Using its AI-based voice-activated app, this new feature will assist HR to automate capabilities and keep time. The FlowHCM Voice App is especially designed to help personnel in engaging in their everyday not unusualplace HR transactions in a smoother, faster, and efficient manner.

This modern-day era may be used by employees to test their schedules and switch shifts with their co-workers, along side different capabilities along with viewing profits slips, making use of for leaves, or definitely logging in and out.

How AI-Based Voice-Activated App Helps HR Automate Functions

Gone are the times whilst HR employees used to go into statistics manually into systems. The digital future has allowed FlowHCM to apply voice instructions to behavior not unusualplace HR transactions or get admission to statistics round key personnel metrics.

With the advent of FlowHCM voice app, personnel will keep a big chew in their time with the aid of using definitely ordering the app to log them in or out.

Where formerly an employee had to log in manually into the tracking system, find a page committed to attendance, listing a motive for leave, put up the request and then watch for its approval, now they may definitely provide instructions to FlowHCM.

The app acknowledges easy instructions along with “FlowHCM, mark my attendance today” and voila! Your attendance could be marked mechanically with the aid of using the software.

FlowHCM is Revolutionizing HR

Not best is that this new approach faster and handy for personnel as well as the HR, it also reduces screentime, that is some thing many companies strive to achieve. Help Desk is the first-rate healthy for each corporation’s HR needs.

With the evolution of place of business era, FlowHCM is creating more opportunities for personnel to revel in innovation firsthand while making a positive attempt to lower burnout a number of the personnel.

An AI-powered smart HR system is certain to keep time, growth efficiency, and allow more room for personnel to carry out efficient tasks instead of losing time on those mundane chores.

About FlowHCM Voice App

FlowHCM has been at the forefront in the HR Information Systems marketplace and its footprint now covers america market through rapidly developing HR Software implementations while maintaining a firm recognition on innovation.

  The company also has a committed guide group with online Ticket Support in addition to its personal cellular app.

A vastly experienced team of FlowHCM is already bringing automation withinside the HR methods of loads of companies like Daraz, Foodpanda, Airlift, 1Link, MTJ, FPCCI, Zellbury, Diners, Edenrobe, Young’s Food, 

FlowHCM is recognized across Pakistan and out of doors Pakistan because the maximum user-pleasant HR Software.

FlowHCM has emerged as Pakistan’s Fastest Growing HR/HCM Software and as a regionally produced alternative to the likes of global HR Software products such as SuccessFactors, SAP, Workday, Oracle, etc.

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