Govt Fixes New Value of Diyat

The federal government has declared an amount of Rs. 4.261 million as compensation (diyat) for the present day economic 12 months 2021-22.

Documents to be had with Propakistani said that that the Ministry of Finance has communicated with the State Bank of Pakistan and the Secretary Law and Justice department approximately the assertion of the diyat amount for the fiscal year 2021-22.

The government has declared Rs. 4.261 million, to be the fee of thirty thousand 600 and thirty (30,630) grams of silver for the economic year 2021-2022 for the motive of diyat.

The diyat amount is Rs. 1.forty eight million more than the amount of 2020-21. The government had declared Rs. 2. seventy-seven million compensation amount in 2020-21.

Diyat is economic reimbursement this is paid to a sufferer or heirs of a sufferer. The reimbursement can be paid withinside cases of murder, physical harm, or harm to property.

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