MP Honors Prophet Muhammad PBUH With a Heartfelt Speech in UK’s Parliament

Naz Shah, an MP for the competition Labour party, defended the honour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) withinside the House of Commons on Monday whilst debating the proposed ‘Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill’. The invoice proposes imprisonment of up to ten years for the vandalization of anciental statues in England.

The MP of Pakistani-origin welcomed that the law being passed recognizes “commemorative” feelings as imperative to preserving civil order.


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Shah harassed that the same level of sensitivity must be prolonged to the reputable prophet of the Muslims if felony safety towards the vandalization of the statues of historic figures along with Winston Churchill is exceeded. She also questioned why someone must receive a more significant penalty for attacking a stone or iron statue in comparison to if they have been to harm a stone wall or an iron gate, specifically due to the fact they are same in bodily form.


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Shah quoted the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw’s pronouncing approximately the Holy Prophet (PBUH). 

While acknowledging the importance and symbolism of monuments withinside the history of the United Kingdom, she defended the proper to discuss and disagree approximately the importance of any historical figure 

“To folks who say it’s only a cool animated film, I won’t say it’s only a statue because I understand the power of the British feeling in terms of our history, our culture, and our identity. It’s now no longer only a cool animated film and they’re not just statues. They represent, characterize and imply a lot extra to us as human beings,” she explained.

Shah reminded the United Kingdom Parliament that they couldn't fake that a western liberal democracy like Britain does not consider feelings in terms of emotional damage.

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