Top 5 Emotions You Showed Careem

Remember the times while MSN messenger dominated the arena of social media? It had the whole thing that one asked for lower back withinside the days. From chatbox to popularity uploads to even a video calling feature that was way ahead of its time.

There have been even a few hilarious strategies to invite for attention, just like the almighty ‘Nudge’ button that would literally shake up your whole screen (we're all responsible of the use of the ones), and who can neglect about the ones humorous winks. Man, the ones have been a few right antique days!

Top 5 Emotions You Showed Careem

With that involves thoughts the evolution of emojis and the way the use of them has grow to be an indispensable a part of our every day lives. It has gotten to a point where they have nearly changed the textual response as they are completely capable of conveying the message loud and clean even if used independently.

This is also adopted with the aid of using main manufacturers in recent times to have interaction with their current or potential customers where they use those emojis to talk their messages while also keeping the tone this is without difficulty comprehensible to the modern-day generation.

Today, as we rejoice World Emoji Day 2021, let’s have a study how Careem, a logo regarded to creatively have interaction their customers by truly harnessing social media strategies, makes use of Emojis to have interaction with customers and also has a laugh while doing it.

We will also look at the most commonly used emojis with the aid of using them and their customers and what’s the general sentiment around this trend.

Here’s the listing of most commonly used emojis from remaining year.

Top 5 Emotions You Showed Careem

  1.  💚 (Greenheart) – this one doesn’t come as any wonder seeing that it’s the colour in their logo. In the remaining one year, Careem has used this emoji greater than 8000 instances.
  2. 😉 (Wink) – this wink emoji became used greater than 1500 instances in a single year, making it the second one maximum generally used emoji.
  3. 🙌 (Hi-Fives) – Well, who doesn’t like an amazing hi-5? Hi-5 emojis have been despatched greater than seven-hundred instances remaining year, maintaining the morale and spirits high.
  4. 🤗 (Hugging Face) – What higher manner to reveal help or love for your clients than a hug? This became used greater than seven-hundred instances as well.
  5.  This emoji became used greater than six hundred instances withinside the remaining year. 

Since there has been a typhoon of Emojis utilized by Careem on their social media pages, it's miles herbal for the clients to reciprocate the ones emojis. Here’s a listing of the pinnacle five emojis that Careem has obtained from their clients.

Top 5 Emotions You Showed Careem

  1. Laughing Face) – No surprises here. Their fashion simply made human beings laugh, greater than 7000 clients used this emoji to specific their real emotions withinside the remaining year.
  2. 😍 (Heart Eyes)- More than 1100 clients despatched this emoji to specific their love for the service, or the logo, or perhaps one of the Captains…
  3. 😡 (Angry Face)- there have been greater than 500 indignant clients as well, naturally, you can’t make every person glad we guess?
  4. 👍 (Thumbs Up) – they were given greater than seven-hundred thumbs up. If you ask us, this one is the maximum uninteresting emoji
  5. 🙄 (Eye Rolls)- greater than 800 human beings were given irritated and rolled their eyes at them too. It’s okay, we get you! All a part of the game!

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