Pakistan’s First Modern Jail to be Established in LahorePakistan’s First Modern Jail to be Established in Lahore

Lahore is quickly to have one of the maximum current jails withinside the USA so one can be hooked up at the sample of jails withinside the United States (US).

According to the details, Punjab will set up a modern prison complex for women and baby prisoners.

“It could be capable of accommodate 1,502 minor youngsters and three hundred ladies,” the prison authorities revealed.

In order to set up the prison according to modern planning, local jail governments have been despatched to America to find out about the development and systems of American prisons.

The prison government stated that the barracks and cells in the prison would be ready with double beds and would also have around-the-clock tracking thru CCTV cameras.

The government of Punjab had formerly taken measures to carry prison reforms, which includes converting the prison guide for prisoners across the province and presenting them meat-based meals six days a week.

The breakfast meals guide had been altered as well to serve the inmates mashed potatoes, grams, and halwa together with tea and simple bread.

The provincial government is also attempting to rehabilitate them with the aid of using facilitating them to showcase products made with the aid of using inmates during their imprisonment.

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