PIA Announces Special Flights to Najaf

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has determined to perform unique flights from Islamabad to Najaf, Iraq from 17 July onward, as announced by its spokesperson.

It has also started unique flight operations to special locations to carry stranded Pakistanis back as there nearly 48,000 caught in Qatar and Turkey after the pandemic-prompted cancellation of international flights.


PTA to Reduce Operator Costs and Benefit Consumers With Lower MTR

The airline has elevated its flight operations and is the usage of Boeing airplanes in this mission that included several special flights to Qatar and Bahrain as well.


PIA to Issue 10-Year Sukuk Worth Rs. 20 Billion

Additionally, PIA will perform two-manner chartered flights between London and Islamabad until 31 July, and 8 unique flights had been scheduled from 10 July onward via the chartered corporation Hi Fly.

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