Sinopharm Vaccine Offers Immunity Against COVID-19 For 9 Months

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has found out that the Sinopharm jab will provide 9 months of immunity towards the coronavirus, and that they are researching how often a person needs to take a booster dose.

The SEHA replied a question about whether the Pfizer booster calls for one or doses saying, “The Pfizer booster dose is the handiest one shot for those who are at first vaccinated with Sinopharm”.


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According to the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC), people can choose both the Sinopharm or Pfizer booster dose after a scientific evaluation.

It explained, “[The] Booster dose is to be had for the ones who have completed six months seeing that the second one dose of Sinopharm. Individuals can also additionally pick to get hold of both the Sinopharm vaccine or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as a booster after scientific evaluation”.

“The booster dose allows beautifying the immune response, therefore, decreasing people’s susceptibility to infection, complications, and hospitalization. We are currently working with different fitness governments to decide the periodicity of taking the booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines based on updated reviewed scientific robust data,” the ADPHC stated in response to a query about whether individuals should take a booster dose every six months.

It also clarified that there is “no distinction in Sinopharm vaccine doses. All doses are given withinside the equal quantity dosage”.

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