Survey Reveals Shocking Impacts of COVID-19 on Mental Health in Sindh

Over the 2 months, 1,494 people took elements withinside the survey.  Of these, 52% were women and 48% had been guys whilst 757 belonged to rural regions and 737 to city regions.According to the SMHA survey, 85% of people suffered from tension whilst 25�mitted that they'd had suicidal thoughts.

While tension tiers were similar in each rural and concrete region, the superiority of despair became almost two times in rural regions.Neither despair nor tension had been immediately related to the COVID-19 ailment itself as 87% of the survey’s participants said it posed “low risk.”


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Overall, lack of earnings and meals lack confidence affected maximum of the participants. 62% of them said a major loss of earnings and 72% did now no longer have enough money to shop for meals whilst 36% borrowed money and 21% bought their belongings to make ends meet.

Speaking approximately the survey, Prof. Iqbal Afridi, President of the Pakistan Psychiatric Association (PPA), stated that unemployment, closure of schools, restrained socialization, and disruption in lots of recurring sports have contributed to the mental burden of the population.


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He delivered that the seriousness of the situation may be understood by the reality that the Psychiatry branch of Karachi’s Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre is treating more than 400 patients in OPD each day.

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