Hum Style Awards 2021 [Pictures]

The nighttime sky of Lahore become lit with an array of stars because the fifth Hum Style Awards had been hung on Sunday. The first mega fashion event post the pandemic has been the speak of the town ever since.

The dazzling event was attended with the aid of using celebrities from the Pakistan showbiz industry. Ironically, the spotlight of the display becomes the questionable preference of attires with the aid of using the stars.

Who was wearing what caught more attention than who gained what? If we check the clothes the celebs wore to the event, the only question that remains is ‘why?’

From shoulder-much less Bardot to slit dresses, from one-shoulder costumes to crop shirts, the fashion awards regarded nothing more than a negative reproduction of the Met Gala.

Apart from tastelessly going a further mile for ambitious looks, the dearth of originality withinside the attires made it nearly not possible to swallow.

The male attendants of the event couldn’t hide their western complexes both and confirmed up in all types of fuel line masks, neon scarfs, or even golden crowns. In a try and move out-of-the-box, the designers ended up with polka-dotted bathrobes beneath neath not-so-superhero capes.

Here is a study of the maximum hanging outfit fails of yesterday’s event, which has become the guffawing inventory on social media:

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