Trend Continues as Rupee Dips Big Against All Currencies Again

The Pakistani rupee (PKR) all over again published losses towards American greenback withinside the interbank marketplace these days.

PKR improved substantially by Rs. 1.09 towards the dollar on Monday. It deteriorated 10 paisas yesterday (Tuesday) and deepened that loss similarly with a 57 paisa erosion towards the USD these days. PKR traded between Rs. 161.00 and Rs. 162.22 these days, earlier than final at Rs. 161.89 to the USD (28 July), down from Tuesday’s (27 July) change charge of Rs. 161.32 to the USD.


Banking Sector’s Investment in Public Debt Nearly Doubled Over Two Years

They are pushing the current account in the red. Adding, “In its MPS, SBP did speak of SDR $2.eight billion allocations, but it doesn’t mean funding will be provided without project reforms. Low Tax to GDP is every other purpose of worry”.

Trend Continues as Rupee Dips Big Against All Currencies Again

The PKR also posted blanket losses towards the opposite important currencies withinside the interbank marketplace yesterday and these days after posting blanket upgrades on the outlet day of the week.

PKR was misplaced vastly with the aid of using Rs. 1. forty-three towards the Euro, substantially eroded with the aid of using Rs. 2. forty-three towards the British Pound (GBP), lost 53 paisas towards the Australian Dollar (AUD) and deteriorated 59 paisas towards the Canadian Dollar (CAD).

The PKR also posted losses of 15 paisas towards each the UAE Dirham (AED) and the Saudi Riyal (SAR) withinside the interbank forex marketplace these days.

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