Xiaomi’s 200W Fast Charging

Xiaomi showcased its wonderful 200W speedy charging technology with the release of the Mi eleven in May. With this technology, the Mi eleven Pro became capable of fee zero to 100% in the most effective 15 minutes, which broke quite a few speedy charging records.

A new record suggests that this technology may really be closer than we think.

The company behind Xiaomi’s 200W speedy charging tech is called NuVolta Technologies, which is a major player in chip-making and charging technology. A new record claims that NuVolta has released its second-era speedy charging chip, the only one at the back of Xiaomi’s HyperCharge technology

This chip is called the NuVolta NU2205 and its miles reportedly the quickest charging chip with the best strength output withinside the industry at 100W. It is the most effective Chinese chip that helps dual-molecular 4:2 pump fast-charging architecture that enables 200W speedy charging on a breakup battery.

NuVolta is in particular happy with this chip because it breaks the monopoly of overseas businesses withinside the dual-molecular speedy charging space, making it a unique offering. This also means that Xiaomi and different manufacturers are in the direction of releasing phones with super-speedy charging technology.

Xiaomi can be the primary to place this tech into production, but there is no legit phrase on that just yet.

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