FBR Finds 266 Unregistered Mine Leaseholders in Sindh

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reportedly located 266 unregistered mine leaseholders in Sindh.


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Sources told Propakistani that the Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Inland Revenue (IR) FBR had performed an exercise regarding the Mines and Mineral sector (apart from coal) for Sindh through which it was discovered that 266 mine leaseholders are unregistered for the Sales Tax. The branch has estimated a capability lack of income tax of around Rs 26.08 billion.

The assets introduced that the FBR is conducting the study in all of the provinces. The Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives claims that there are 5,000 operational mines in Pakistan and that it has the world’s second-biggest salt mines, fifth-biggest copper and gold reserves, second-biggest coal deposits, and estimated billions of barrels of crude oil.


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Despite its large capacity, the mineral sector’s contribution to the GDP is around 3 percentage, and the country’s exports are most effective at approximately 0.1 percentage of the world’s total. Overall, the world has been one of the giant assets of economic development of some the developed countries, including China, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Brazil.

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