Shahid Afridi Wants TikTok Banned in Pakistan

Shahid Afridi expressed his despise towards TikTok whilst the communication grew to become to lovers making TikTok movies with the stars. Afridi asked the distinguished singer to elevate his voice approximately the difficulty of TikTok. “Get this TikTok banned, please. You raise your voice for such a lot of things, please get this banned too,” stated Afridi to Roy.


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Afridi became focused on banning TikTok for good instead of again and again blockading and unblocking it. He asked Roy to begin lobbying in opposition to the Chinese app, which he notion became spreading vulgarity, on his next visit to Islamabad. He, in addition, introduced that TikTok became a first-rate social difficulty and answerable for many unlucky incidents across Pakistan

“Many regions in our country. don’t have the power of education but yet, they have the power of the internet. People want to be knowledgeable to make good use of the internet,” stated Afridi. Afridi also stated that children should not have got right to entry to smartphones and a positive age should be described for his or her usage.

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