Herd Immunity is Technically Impossible

The National Command and Control Center (NCOC) aims to vaccinate more than 70 million of the whole eligible population against the Coronavirus with the aid of using the end of this year. However, experts are of the view that the idea of herd immunity can show counterproductive because many people may cease adhering to the COVID-19 SOPs aimed at controlling the pandemic.

Speaking in this regard, Dr. Hasan Urooj, a public fitness professional who has been treating COVID-19 patients in Islamabad, claimed that herd immunity is technically not possible to attain withinside the city regions of the country. Herd immunity can most effectively be attained in super surroundings wherein people don’t move in and out of a particular area frequently. Take Islamabad for instance, a large number of people work withinside the federal capital but they stay in rural regions.

While a sure percent of the population in Islamabad has been vaccinated, it does not indicate that most effective the citizens of the town had been vaccinated because those who come to paintings from adjacent rural areas also get vaccinated withinside the town. It can by no means be concluded that over 50% or 60% of Islamabad’s eligible population has been vaccinated because people from KP, AJK, and different regions come to the capital for paintings.

Dr. Hasan delivered that new editions are a major threat to herd immunity as the existing Coronavirus vaccines have yet to show their efficacies towards them, urging the government to prevent the usage of the term ‘herd immunity’ because the public should come to be complacent and end following COVID-19 SOPs amid emerging new editions of the viral infection.

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